Monday, 29 July 2013

The first post

I'd envisaged myself starting this blog on the first day of the summer holidays. I had thought I would be writing new posts everyday, ones that somehow managed to be effortlessly intelligent, witty and though-provoking all at the same time. Ergo, by this point in the holidays, I would have an impressive portfolio of such posts, proving to the world that I had done something worthwhile with my time.

Well, it was a good plan while it lasted. It's now the 40th day of the summer holidays. That's a thought that scares me. I have passed the midway point of the very holidays that seemed, a mere month ago, to stretch on neverendingly into the distance in what can only be described as an extremely staisfying manner. Now look at me. Half way through and feeling decidedly mopey about the fact that this hasn't been the most amazing summer of my entire life. Statistically (I'm assuming), it is very unlikely that summer 2013 would have been the single best of my life, yet there was a little part of me that thought it just might. Every year I do this - convince myself that this summer will be my summer.

Despite the fact that I read books at a rate of one every couple of months, I will read books every single day and appreciate them intensely, perhaps starting a book club to share my insightful views. After years of bottom set PE, I will take up tennis on a whim, discover my great natural talent for the sport and be competing in Wimbledon by 2015 (at the very latest of course). Naturally, my friends and I will decide to embark upon a spontaneous camping holiday or trip to the beach, where by day, we will swim in the beautiful secluded lakes we happen to discover and, by night we will gather around the campfire, toasting marshmallows and staying up all night sharing secrets. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic pursuing the perfect summer.

Unsprisingly, I had similar ambitions for the summer of 2013, some wildly unrealistic (i.e. the secluded lake pool party), some less so (i.e. read more). Although I have done some of things I had wanted to, and don't get me wrong I haven't had an awful summer by any means, I can't help wishing for that little bit more. What I haven't done, is anything outside of my comfort zone. But now I am ready to try something different, push myself a bit further and take on a challenge. And that is the reason I am starting this blog,

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  1. I really enjoyed this post! Normally I struggle to get through a post this long, but I found this really interesting. I always have unrealistic expectations of great times with friends for the summer holidays that never come to anything, I'm hopelessly romantic about just about anything though! :)