Thursday, 19 September 2013

Take a deep breath... and blog!

For a while now, I've harboured this great desire to blog. I'm not going to lie. At surface level, it's because blogging is cool. It just is. But when I actually think properly about why I really want to blog, and I really really do, I think there are a lot of reasons.

1. I want to have a-thing-that-I-do. A hobby, if you will. In recent years, I honestly haven't done all that much, and truthfully that kind of frustrates me. For so long, I've been someonewho sits on the sidelines, watching everyone else do cool things and thinking 'one day I'll do something'. But why can't that day that I finally do something be now? I am really trying to make a conscious effort to get rid of the mentality I have of 'waiting for my life to start'. I know that I can't spend my whole life waiting for things to happen to me; I have to start doing things that I want to do for myself.

2. In many ways, I am quite an insecure and shy person. I often feel awkward in social situations and always worry about having nothing interesting to say. My hope is that my blog will be somewhere that I can be myself without worrying about what other people think, and I hope that blogging will give me more self-confidence to talk to people and be a happier and less worrisome person! (well that's the dream anyway!)

3. Another reason is that I desperately want to be more creative. Creativity in others is something which I admire a lot, whether it be photography, artwork, songwriting, craft, writing or anything else. Being able to express myself in a creative way is something that seems amazing to me, and linked to that, projects. I absolutely love projects. Anything I can work hard at, gradually building up my skills to produce something I proud of excites me immensely. Blogging for me, will be one big project, with the added bonus of loads of little sub-projects, which just excites me even more!

4. Going back to what I wrote earlier about being a do-er, I want to do something actively online. I have watched and been inspired by so many absolutely brilliant youtubers and bloggers, like Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella, for years now, but have only commented on videos or blog posts about twice. I think youtube is a step to far for me write now, but blogging, that's something I can do. I really want to become part of the blogging community, and maybe even make some friends while I'm at it!

5. Finally, and most simply, I just want a memento of my life right now that I can look back on in the future.

Well, that was quite pretentious and cheesy, but to be honest I'm quite excited to post it! It feels both good and scary to have finally expressed all the things I've been feeling about blogging. Hopefully I'll blog again soon!


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  1. Hello again, just thought that I would let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :)